Embreate produced a interactive floor experience for Cisco’s newly renovated downtown Toronto office.


Create an interactive installation designed to reflect and reinforce Cisco’s core values: transparency and bringing people together through technology. The goal of this experience was to reveal the inner workings of the building as if guests and employees were looking down onto the factory floor.


Using Ground FX® by GestureTek, we built a faux glass floor located in the heavily-trafficked reception area of the building. Guests stepped atop of a projected image of a glass floor. With this action, the “glass” cracked and dropped, revealing a projection imitation of what a person would actually see if the real floor was transparent - the assembly factory below.


Visitors to Cisco’s new office got a live snapshot into the company’s approach and commitment to connectivity and transparency merged with leading technology, with the added bonus of being entertained and awed throughout their discovery.