We collaborated with Whizbang Films and Storyteller Pictures to create mobile-optimized content that invited audiences to experience the feature film HELLIONS in a hands-on way.


Generate engaging, shareable film-related content and distribute through creative online channels to support sales and promotion of HELLIONS.


We created a landing site to introduce the basics -- accolades, cast & crew, news and trailers. Then, we built a web-based portal linked via the site, calling on users to ‘Enter the World of HELLIONS’ for access to exclusive interactive content. Using their laptops, tablets and/or mobile devices, users were able to load the portal app and connect to exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews, images, memes, fun facts and quizzes. All passages within the 80-page application were individually optimized for users to share via Facebook and Twitter.


As part of a larger strategy to build content for fans by fans, this second screen project created social content for the filmmakers and allowed them to translate their world in a community-focused way across small screens to reach a wider audiences and help drive eyeballs and engagement. The film aired in theatres around North America as well as on iTunes, The Movie Network (Canada) and IFC Midnight (USA).