Jelly Belly Candy Company hosted a grand re-opening in Spring 2016. Part of the unveiling was the addition of their new, public, daily facility tours. Thousands of people take the tours everyday to see how the 100+ gourmet Jelly Belly flavours get made.


The objective of our Jelly Belly collaboration was to help the client promote a new feature of the tour -- visitor access to the production plant floor. How could we create an experience that allowed people to get their hands dirty, without having to do any of the actual work? We were challenged to manufacture a first-person experience that replicated the pre-production process in a fun, immersive, informative way.


We created a hands-on component of the tour that simulated the quality control process in a gamified multiplayer format. This multi-touch table game is a tour feature that precedes visitor drop-in to the production floor.


Identify off-colour and/or misshapen beans


Drag them into the hopper


Accumulate points before the buzzer goes off


As part of the new facility tour, visitors can now interactively explore how Jelly Belly jelly beans come to life; they become part of the candy-making process. Since the launch earlier this year, Jelly Belly has been successful in generating additional interest in factory tours with active focus on the new games, exhibits and look of the facility as a major draw.