Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida is a state-of-the-art, family-centered, full-service children's hospital. The hospital provides vital health care for the region’s sick and injured children and their families, from infancy through age 18. The 600+ care providers see over 22,000 patients each year and have helped over 95,000 people through their child advocacy programs.


Golisano Children’s Hospital opened in Spring 2017. As part of the new building, directors wanted to integrate a motion-responsive animated wall in the main lobby to facilitate entertainment for patients and families, while protecting them from germs by using a ‘hands-free’ gameplay solution.


Embreate built out content for a 30 x 30 ft digital motion wall that featured animated versions of local flora and fauna. Users were able to trigger a motion sequence or character movement on screen by moving a part of their own bodies to create a reaction. The experience included nature sounds to compliment the images and animations.


The large scale installation is a focal point in the hospital’s main lobby; for children suffering acute health issues, and their families, it provides moments of escape. The experience ensured accessibility for all users - short or tall, or mobile or immobile; everyone is able to play “Nature Wall” and have fun!