Cancer Smash was a gamified eLearning experience developed for MedImmune, a biologics research and development company and member of the AstraZeneca group. The game was designed as fun and interactive addition to a biotechnology conference that brought industry leaders together.


Create a dynamic, entertaining experience to physically energize attendees transitioning between learning sessions, while cultivating group fun.


We designed an animated gesture-based attraction where players were able to kill cartoon cancer cells for sport. The experience was centrally located to attract a crowd of cheerleaders fresh off the conference floors. Players were tasked with defending healthy cells against cancer cells by waving their arms and legs to trigger action. Players had three chances to annihilate the bad cells before those cells dominated; if a bad cell reached a healthy cell, the healthy cell turned into cancer.





Cancer Smash rallied attendees around an immersive experience that got them moving, talking, sharing and having fun, ultimately making the event a more memorable experience.