The National Basketball Association (NBA) opened the doors to its first-ever NBA Kids Playzone inside the Hubin Dao Shopping Mall. The NBA Playzone is a 1,500 square meter themed entertainment centre that uses basketball to inspire kids to lead active lifestyles.



Excite the next-generation of NBA sports fans in China.


One of the features of the NBA Playzone includes a gesture-controlled ‘Halftime Live!’ experience created by Embreate.



The experience incorporates customizable characters via touch screens.


And three interactive walls featuring gesture-controlled mascots, cheerleaders and avatars...


... going head-to-head to make as many baskets as possible before the buzzer sounds.

The Character Builder

Select A Team

Using permanent tablet stations, players are able to choose between a custom character or their favourite team.

Customize Your Player

Players are able to choose gender, skin colour, hair colour and style, plus the colours for accessories like socks and headbands for example.

Pre & Post Game Playground

After confirming their character, players are added to a gameplay queue. While they wait for their turns to dominate in the tip-off zone.

They are able to interact with both mascot and cheerleaders using gesture control -- making the characters flip, jump, moonwalk and cartwheel.

Game Time

This is a two-player game. Once players are called up into the tip-off zone, the goal is to get as many balls as possible into the basket.

The one with with most baskets, wins. In cases where there is only a single player, the game plays as their opponent.


Using a community relations outlook strategy, the NBA has been able to draw visitors from all over Asia to the basketball-themed amusement park. They’ve translated their brand values into an in-person experience that leaves visitors feeling excited, engaged and wanting more. The NBA Playzone remains a key milestone in NBA China’s efforts to connect with young fans and their families.

Source: Avi - P Craft