Using interactive technology to communicate with audiences is H-O-T! And, it can be transformative for any brand. Gesture-recognition, virtual reality, augmented reality; immersive technology can reshape and reimagine experiences and drop audiences right into the stories and aesthetics of a world. Makes sense. Being immersed in an experience stimulates impression, i.e. sense memory; sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch all evoke emotional responses. These memorable sensory experiences are a visceral way to build brand loyalty and create direct connections with consumers. Give them something to remember, and they will!

Here are some examples of marketers/brands that are killing it by integrating technology and entertainment into their brand campaigns.

BUST A MOVE by Coca-Cola

Industry: Food & Beverage Advertising

Installation Type: Motion Gesture

Reviewed by: Grace

A vending machine with an interactive panel display activates when people pass by. A famous boy band appears and asks consumers to follow their moves. People must copy the moves correctly in order to get free cokes. The more difficult the dance move, the more Cokes are rewarded to the consumer.

It is pretty impressive how accurately the machine captures the moves. I think when people use their body to get something, they remember it longer. The only reason why I would not try this out is because of self consciousness. So many people watching …

Comparable Experience:


Industry: Entertainment Technology

Installation Type: Touch Sound

Reviewed by: Krystal

A Japanese artist designed a set of musical stairs for the Sony Headquarters that plays a note with every step.

The installation is fun and engaging the first few times but, if I’m climbing these stairs 365 days a year the experience might get old. Hopefully the placement of these stairs are geared towards visitors as opposed to the just the employees. It would be fun to engage with colleagues to create new tunes.

Comparable Experience:


Industry: Food & Beverage Advertising

Installation Type: Motion Touch

Reviewed by: Joan

The Small World Machine was a project that was created in reaction to Pakistan and India’s current relationship. To briefly give the people of Pakistan and India a chance to interact, the Small World Machine gets people to do actions together/trace images of peace of love onto a screen in unison.

This is an ad campaign that is memorable because of how Coca-Cola was able to create a fun experience revolving around their company concept of ‘community’ and ‘relationships’. What actually makes this campaign unique though is how Coca-Cola was able to take a real relevant issue between two nations and apply that concept to it. I would try it.


Industry: Retail

Installation Type: Gesture Multitouch

Reviewed by: Jenni

Nike’s Digital Retail Experience is made up of three multi-touch installations (Social Media Wall, Shoe Terminal, Shopping Kiosk) that encourage users to delve into the brand by exploring product information and online shopping.

The installation is sleek and looks great. The responsiveness of the gestures and touch is impressive. The experience also combines social media with an online shopping experience, encouraging users to take photos with their photobooth tool. A multi-touch table detects the exact model of a shoe the user places on it, displaying various data about the product. The installation looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Comparable Experience:

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