Deadline: January 01, 2019

Embreate, a Toronto-based interactive design and animation studio, is seeking illustrators and animators for our short story series.

If interested please submit an application by clicking the below button. Or, email us at with questions.

The Project

Embreate has created dozens of animated short stories in partnership with and we’re looking for artists to partner with on future shorts. Three of our favorites include:

You Are

  • Have passion for drawing that equals your enthusiasm for creating compelling character-driven stories.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to interpret, conceptualize and transform abstract concepts into visually compelling illustrations and/or animations.
  • Love collaborating with teams of creative all-stars and working together to find elegant solutions to unique problems.

What You Will Do

  • Concept: Work with the producer and writers to develop a visual concept design for an original story
  • Storyboard: Develop a shot list that efficiently and effectively communicates the story
  • Illustrate & Animate: Develop the art assets for the short animated story and animate them where required
  • Polish: Work with the editor to integrate the assets and make adjustments where necessary


We pay our artists a fair, industry-standard wage that is based on the skill & experience they bring.

Future Opportunities

Our short story projects are an excellent way for us to get a chance to work with you and vice versa. We almost exclusively hire artists we’ve worked in the past when looking for talent on larger scale client and internally developed comics, films & games. Check out our portfolio for examples of the work we do.

Submission Process

Please submit your application by clicking on the APPLY button below. We will confirm receipt of your package. Please keep in mind that this is an ongoing project that is being conducted through 2018 and beyond. So please be patient.

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Deadline: January 01, 2019


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Stay up-to-date on opportunities through our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts.