An interactive story that immerses players in the history of Irish settlers harrowing journey across the Atlantic and crash landing on the Magdalen Islands.

Inspired by the classic 80s arcade game ‘Duck Hunt’, we present ‘Manhunt’. Using simple gestures, players propel rainbows at anti-LGBTQA+ figures to transform them into harmless and colourful creatures.

What If is the second most popular science show on YouTube & Facebook. Each episode asks a provocative hypothetical what if question and then tries to answer it with modern scientific theories.

Flub & Utter

In this award winning interactive documentry, Poet Jordan Scott shares his experiences growing up with a stutter. From the fears he faced confronting playground bullies and calling girls he liked on the phone, to the tender support he got from parents and teachers, Jordan’s stories explore the physical and emotional turmoil of his relationship with speech.

Canada’s Campfire presents two minute stories told by Canadians paired with the countries most artful animators.

A short animated story based on the classic holiday film Trains, Planes & Automobiles. In this story a famous Canadian band need help getting to their concert.

High Five Joe Carter

It’s the bottom of the 9th, Game 6 of the 1993 World Series, #29, Joe Carter, hits one of the most memorable home runs of all time. Your objective, jump on the field and catch up to your hero, before Security catches up to YOU.

Bleedback is a dystopian, sci-fi web comic series set in the year 2065. In this six-part series, dangerous AI are locked within a virtual world … and they’ve finally found a way out. By force, the Government recruits formerly blacklisted robotics expert Andrei to find the ultimate hack that will save humanity from prowling AI; if he refuses, his daughter will die at the hands of powerful villains.

Picking up where the movie Hellions left off, Book One: Inside the Horror Hospital, follows protagonist Dora Vogel on a lucid adventure where she navigates a series of deadly traps masterminded by vengeful hellions in hope of escaping eternal damnation.