What If there was a kids’ series answering science questions?

What If surpasses 1 million subscribers on YouTube

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What If Kids

What if you fell into a black hole? What if dinosaurs were still alive? Children explore the answers to scientific questions posed in this fun, educational web series. In each webisode, two children pose a What if? hypothetical about physics, astronomy, chemistry, technology, anatomy or the environment. A friendly robot guides them through the scientific explanation, literally taking them to the corners of the cosmos, back to the age of dinosaurs or inside a human bloodstream. Blending live action with computer animation, webisodes explain visually and in clear factual terms scientific concepts that will amaze and edify children ages 6-11.

What If dinosaurs were still alive?

Children learn that dinosaurs likely died 251 million years ago because the Earth cooled down and dinosaurs couldn’t adapt. But what if some dinosaurs did adapt? Either those dinosaurs would have shrunk and eaten humans–so there would be no people on Earth today! Or, the smaller dinosaurs would have adapted to the colder climate and live alongside humans today. Then again, maybe humans would be hunting dinosaurs, making them endangered species.

What If you didn’t have to sleep?

Children learn the benefits of sleep, letting our bodies rebuild cells to make us stronger for the next day. If we did not sleep, humans would forget things and physically weaken until we couldn’t stand. Viewers would learn that our bodies are like cars, which need to shut off regularly or else they will run out of gas, overheat or simply fall apart.

What If you fell into a black hole?

Children learn that a black hole is created when a giant star dies. Living stars, like Earth, have gravity to keep all living creatures and objects stuck on the ground or else everything would float away. When a big star dies, the star’s entire gravity shrinks into a space the size of a city. This means the black hole’s gravity is super-, mega-powerful and sucks in everything close. So, if you fell into a black hole, you may get torn apart…or enter another universe.

What If we could breathe underwater?

Children learn that having gills like a fish isn’t enough for people to breathe underwater. Humans also need a protective layer of fat to prevent freezing to death in the cold seas. We’d also need to become amazing swimmers or grow fins, because our legs and arms don’t move well underwater. Also, it would be hard to see underwater, particularly the dark depths. At least, humans underwater would learn first-hand how we have polluted the oceans, and would then clean them up.


What If Kids is currently in the Development phase.

Inspired by the success of its parent web series, What If? What If Kids is seeking a science advisor. To apply, please write joinus@embreate.com

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What If surpasses 1 million subscribers on YouTube

- Gold Award , YouTube


What If is produced by Underknown in Toronto, Canada. It was Boosted by senior producer Scott Nihill who on behalf of Underknown wrote a succesfull Ontario Creates IDM funding application.