Real stories about depression and anxiety transformed into animated games.

The Project

Wittle presents the real and raw anecdotes from comedians who suffer from depression. Their stories are transformed into short animated stories and as casual games that can be played on any device, for free, without the need to download anything.

Example: Drift a Story by Brian

Brian shared a story about how negative self talk made him feel dislocated from life. In his game, titled Drift, his head literally dislocates from his body and players must navigate it around life’s pitfalls.


Wittle is intended to bring awareness of how depression affects those who suffer from it. Depression is serious, but we want to bring a lighter touch to it by collaborating with comedians, animators and video game developers to help deliver experiences that will draw the largest audience to engage with real stories.

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Wittle is currently in the Development phase.

The producers are collaborating with two comedians to transform their stories into short animations and quick to play casual games.

Wittle is Crewing Up

The producers are currently looking for the following roles;

  • Illustrator/Animator for Webseries & Game
  • Junior Film Editor
  • Casual Game Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Javascript Developer for Game
  • Motion Graphics Designer for Animated Web Series
  • Research Internship
  • Writer for Webseries

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Wittle is being produced by Embreate and Plai Factory in collaboration with CAMH and with the support of the Telus Fund.

PRODUCER Scott Nihill

DEVELOPER Lalaine Ulit-Destajo